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Maintain your lawn regularly

Investing a little time every week in maintaining your lawn, this will prevent the entire lawn from having to be re-seeded. If you can manage to work on your lawn for 5 minutes every day, you will always have an even green lawn.

New Lawn Care

Do not cut the grass too short

Mowing takes time, but the grass will grow more slowly if you leave it a little longer. It is easier to mow more often but less short. Slow-growing grass that is left a little longer requires less water and nutrition and can take a beating. If the mowing blades are a little higher (3 to 4 cm), you also run less chance of mowing the growth centers from the grass plants, which results in unsightly bare brown spots. Fertilize the lawn

Use the best lawn fertilizer for regular grass growth without strong peaks. The slow-release fertilizers work for up to 6 months. Do not feed in December to January, as the lawn does not grow during this period and is very sensitive to fungal diseases and freezing. Some ready-to-use fertilizers are an immediate weed killer, killing two birds with one stone. That saves time and money! Only apply fertilizers, weed killers, and products that combine them according to the directions for use. An overdose is not good for the grass and is a waste of money!

Fighting weeds

Every now and then you have to fight the weeds. Do this at least a week after mowing, then the weeds will have formed enough leaves again (which will pull a bit easier). Allow any weed killer to work for four days before mowing again. Do not rake live moss as this will spread the moss particles and accelerate moss growth. Use a moss remover to kill the moss. Rake it together after two weeks – once it has turned brown. If you live in a forest environment, it is better to let mother nature do her thing, it is just about mopping with the tap open. A lawn can look beautiful when it has daisies and other flowers in bloom. Such a meadow-like appearance belongs in a natural garden. It is not meant to be walked on, you will have to cut less often, but you should not let the grass disappear completely either.

Preventing matting

Sometimes you have to dethatch several times a year, especially if you have children who frequently tread on the grass. Use a scarifier rake or buy/rent a hollow-tined scarifier. The grass can compact quickly, especially when children play on the grass. With enough space, you would give them their own place to play football, etc.

Highly compacted soil

Highly compacted soil causes poor growth, bare spots, and lots of weeds. Sprinkle sharp sand over the grass once a year to counteract this effect. Cutting edges Neatly cutting edges along a lawn takes a lot of time. Prevent this by placing a metal lawn edge or mowing strip around the lawn. Choose a simple shape

Strange angles and complicated lawn shapes are time-consuming to maintain. Straighten lawn edges or make wide, smooth curves; avoid sharp turns. That mows much easier. Mowing around trees, posts and ornaments is difficult. Avoid such difficult places during construction; make it easy to mow. This leaves more time to really enjoy your lawn.

Lawn Care Tips

Watering is important

When watering, do it right! A good splash of water once every fourteen days is better than a little every day. Moreover, it takes much less time.

Buy the right lawnmower

The wider the mowing range of your machine, the less time it takes to mow. But with wide machines, it is also much more difficult to maneuver on small lawns. A manual mower is sufficient for up to 100 m2 of lawn, above that, a motor mower is more convenient